Premium Numbers Solution

Premium numbers are telephone numbers for business use where in calls are placed by the callers & during which certain services like to record information or live conversation with callers are provided and for which prices higher than normal are charged.
Premium Numbers are virtual numbers which are widely used for below services. Premium numbers are allocated by service providers and network is operated by Network operator. Premium numbers are also called Premium Rate Numbers or International Premium Rate Numbers.


Live Chat

Use our numbers and conferencing platform to build your own live chat service. All you need to do is to sign up for free, choose your numbers and hook them up to your own conference room. Start promoting your numbers and watch your active calls, statistics and real time earnings grow.


Interactive Voice Response

Use our platform to divert routine calls to an external outsourced call centre with IVR (Interactive Voice Response), thus reducing labor costs and providing the right channel for your customers to resolve their queries in an automated fashion.



Several of our clients have conducted successful voting campaigns using premium rate numbers. If you have relevant web content, such as a blog, you may ask your readers to vote on certain topics. This not only provides invaluable feedback to you, but also helps to offset the costs involved in running the site. Favorite topics include politics, general knowledge and music. Simply advertise the number to be called alongside the question. The statistics we provide will enable you to publish results on your site.


Free Conferencing Platform

If you would like your very own conference platform, we can offer you our own PIN-based system for free. This is how it works: when you have received your numbers from us, simply define a conference room and a corresponding PIN number. Inform your conference members of the number to call, when to call and the PIN. We provide this service FREE OF CHARGE.


Directory Enquiries

In some regions, we can arrange authorized and regulated Directory Enquiry numbers which are routed to call centers providing information services. The caller is generally charged a fee for the call, plus the time spent on the call. Because of the resources required, these types of numbers tend to be quite expensive to the caller. We arrange for a certain percentage of this call revenue to be paid to you to cover your call center costs.


Weather Forecast

Find the right numbers for your different markets and route them to your weather forecast service. Make sure you promote the right numbers in the local newspapers, region portal and see how your wealth is growing in your accounting panel.


Sports Updates

There are several ways of monetizing in the sporting world: up-to-date results, statistics, transfer news, team news, gossip, predictions, etc. If you are an avid sports fan, you can provide this information on a recorded basis and we can route your allocated numbers to the service. There are also third parties services that you might want to consider, including live audio sports coverage.


Love Stories

If you have interesting pre-recorded adult or non-adult stories, we can host these on our platform and connect your assigned premium rate numbers to the service. Alternatively we can route your numbers via IP to your own service, live or otherwise. Like with all services, all you need to do is advertise the numbers in the appropriate medium.



The premium rate numbers that we allocate to you can be routed to a live or recorded horoscope service provided by you. We often route the calls via the internet (SIP routing) directly to live IP phones. The subscriber can listen to predictions based on his horoscope numerology and listen to other types, such as Humanistic (mainly Western cultures), Karmic (more spiritual), Weather Predictions, Sports and Gambling, Financial and Medical. Simply advertise your services, along with the premium rate number, in the medium of your choice. Newspapers and magazines and internet work well and are cost-effective. Radio or TV is more expensive but reach wider audiences. All you need to do it ensure that the revenue that we provide you for the calls exceeds your actual costs.