Being a start-up company benefiting from a substantial growth, we are constantly seeking for students who have finished studying, ready to enter the professional market, either for an internship or a job. Every team member of  VovoComm contributes directly to our success in the Tele Media industry; we also consider recruiting more experienced individuals whose knowledge can be a real asset for our company as we are looking for the best and the brightest experienced professionals. With an aggressive growth plan covering six continents, the opportunities are endless. If you are efficient and have a passion for new technologies. You are quick and can work well on your own as well as within a team, then you may apply for either of the following positions as trainee or employee.



Account Executive: You are comfortable with languages, cultural diversity, and international business relations. You have good negotiation skills and like challenges, you will get financial incentives upon trading performance.

Job Role Activities: Account Executive has overall responsibility for all Premium Rate Numbers trading, operations and management. The Executive builds relationships with clients to promote VovoComm Premium Rate Numbers services. Deploys Executive will offer the best payout PRN for them and help to find the best access for destinations and keep a client’s satisfaction level very high.

Should you wish to submit your application to us, please email at and attach your curriculum vitae (CV), we always study thoroughly each application and aim to give an answer within 15 days.